How well you know about the national COVID-19 Vaccine roll-out plan? Here is everything you need to know including when you will get it and who will get it first.

The Australian Government has received the first delivery of Covid-19 vaccines and planning to execute the national COVID-19 Vaccine roll-out strategy as soon as possible.

The Australian COVID-19 vaccination program will begin in February, starting with people who most need protection.

Priority first groups include:

  • Frontline at-risk health care workers, including staff in GP respiratory clinics and COVID-19 testing facilities, ambulance staff, paramedics, ICU and emergency department staff, and clinical and ancillary support staff
  • Quarantine and border workers
  • Residential aged and disability care residents
  • Residential aged care and disability care workers.

Further, Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines will be free and voluntary for everyone in Australia under 3 phases. This includes:

  • all Australian citizens
  • permanent residents, and
  • temporary visa-holders.

Initially, Vaccine doses will be available through 30 – 50 hospital sites across Australia – in metro and regional areas (pending advice from states and territories) plus in residential aged care and disability care facilities and planning in expanding to more than 1000 points of distribution nationwide.

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